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Possibly belongs to: SPAM CALL
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    National800 69 27 75 3

    International+34 800 69 27 75 3


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  • jeff_hardi (19/03/2020 10:31 am)

    All week it comes up as robo caller. I didn’t even have an iPhone and they were calling me. An African American woman answered when I called back and asked my info. I told her I don’t even have an iPhone she said you would have had to ask for a call back to get us to call you in the first place. I have not called Apple!! Ever!! I just hung up.
  • mapuche. (18/03/2020 19:46 pm)

    Fake Apple support
  • Alicia38 (17/03/2020 07:37 am)

    Caller pretended to be Apple tech support. Spam.
  • alcoholpunk (17/03/2020 02:01 am)

    The caller stated that she was a bill collector from Costa Rica and that I had loans that I did not pay. That is a lie!! I told her that I do not owe any company in Costa Rica money, and she stated that this was a new company based out of Florida, and that she is assigned to my bad debt account, and that I need to make arrangements for payments. I hung up and she calls my number everyday. If you see this number beware
  • brenda (28/02/2020 01:00 am)

    Getting calls from 800 692 7753, which is, supposedly Apple Tech Support, but they tried to convince me to give them my personal info, even after I told them that I was not an Apple user, but the hindu guy on the other side didn't know how to respond, and continued asking for my info. BEWARE, THIS HAS ALL THE SIGNS OF A SCAM!!!!
  • HECTOR_HIRAM (10/02/2020 20:41 pm)

    Just fake Apple call
  • jonathan (05/02/2020 23:40 pm)

    Call related to No Subject Provided received in Tennessee. Calling with recorded message (robocalls)
  • Directioner21 (03/02/2020 10:25 am)

    Caller ID says APPLE. Spam Call.
  • ivo2 (18/01/2020 14:23 pm)

    Be aware this is scam

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