Phone number: 8008922253

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Possibly belongs to: SPECTRUM
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    Average rating received: 5/10
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    National800 89 22 25 3

    International+34 800 89 22 25 3


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User Comments
  • Nana1 (12/03/2020 22:44 pm)

    Was an automated call from Time Warner Cable confirming an appointment. If I get solicitations from this number I will update my review but for now seems legit.
  • niño dofus (07/03/2020 16:36 pm)

    scam call
  • descontrol (04/03/2020 16:13 pm)

    It's legit because I am late paying. I just wanted to say that Spectrum Internet sucks. I am paying for up to 200 Mbps but I am actually getting 6 Mbps speed. I wouldn't mind if the price was fair but it's not.
  • epic atack (24/02/2020 05:06 am)

    SCAM caller with Spoofed ID
  • zky_blue (04/02/2020 20:34 pm)

    Spectrum called to apologize for my service interruption. My service has NOT been interrupted. Obviously this call was meant for another of their customers. Spectrum is totally hosed.
  • LUZ (02/02/2020 18:30 pm)

    I refused the call from this number 4 seconds later my phome rang again. I refused the call again. 4 5 seconds later same number calling again and again.It happened 8 times within two minutes.Very annoying harraesment. Scammer and/or Robocall...!
  • giyita (21/01/2020 13:26 pm)

    Keeps calling and no one answers or says anything on the other end.
  • 0452 (08/01/2020 07:59 am)

    Call makes it sound like something "important" is happening to MY account with Spectrum. Is that charter spectrum? Spectrum health? None of the above. I called them via their legitimate contacts and no attempt was made on their part to contact me.
  • princesavenezolana (06/01/2020 18:13 pm)

    Asked the caller to confirm my account but could not do so. They call every day.
  • loco00 (18/12/2019 22:30 pm)

    Indeed. I can confirm that this is a trustworthy number from Time Warner Company.

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