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    National805 63 77 24 3

    International+34 805 63 77 24 3


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  • SUPERLUIS (08/03/2020 09:42 am)

    I got this call today and didn't answer but they left a voice message. The message said something like I have been subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury and if I fail to show up serious consequences could occur. Of course the caller had a middle eastern accent. LOL!
  • LISY (23/02/2020 05:08 am)

    unsolicited on cell phone
  • xxsamuelx (22/02/2020 21:21 pm)

    I think these calls are from Sprint. They charged me twice for the same bill back in 2018 and I requested a refund. I received the refund and in about three months they started billing me for the same charge and this was after I went to T-Mobile. The two companies were/are suppose to merge and I'm going to find another carrier if they are allowed to do so.
  • dana777 (16/02/2020 18:39 pm)

    Voice Mail number for MetroPCS (T-Mobile repackager)
  • kaako (10/02/2020 16:40 pm)

    Call comed from "TMobile" voice mail. Message sounds like TMobile acting as if you made the call wanting you to erase and make new message, etc, and then if no response, states it will deliver your message. If you wait a moment longer, the real TMobile vm voice comes on and gives you the standard options including deleting this thing. Only a guess, but maybe some shyster trying to get your recorded voice.
  • alberto (07/02/2020 19:50 pm)

    Other received in Plano, Texas. Calling with recorded message (robocalls)
  • Abdiel (30/01/2020 08:32 am)

    Got a call, phone said scam likely. I hung up. I then got a voice mail with no message. I'd say scam probable.
  • $3r&!0 (07/01/2020 05:58 am)

    Left a vm saying I had a Federal warrant and I needed to pay a fee before 5pm or could be arrested. An app I have installed on my phone said that the phone number was spoofed.
  • will (07/01/2020 02:23 am)

    some how this number is listed as my voicemail number; is it that this number is able to access my voicemail, and who knows what else;...I really don't like this,..but hopefully I can install an app to prevent such violations against me going forward;...also, I'm not all that concerned bout them stealing my identity,...if they do, sure theyll b bringing it bac 2me not many days after......thx
  • siksawer100 (17/12/2019 05:57 am)

    How do I get this number off my VM ??

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