Terms and conditions of use
1- The user / visitor of the website LostCalls.net at all times has the obligation to read each of the conditions for the provision of the service detailed in this text and assumes that they are valid in the provision of the service of LostCalls.net

1.1- LostCalls.net is a forum / social network or collective discussion / opinion site of all its users / visitors about annoying phone calls or more popularly known as "phone SPAM" and other similar practices by companies. LostCalls.net fulfills a social function, is not commercial at any time and is maintained thanks to the advertising that is published on its pages.

2- LostCalls.net is a social network with hundreds of thousands of comments. Our maximum intention is to respect legality, intellectual property, copyright as well as the right to privacy, if there are comments or published content that could include these requirements, please contact us through the following email and the content will be eliminated:

EMAIL: info@lostcalls.uk

2.1-The comments are the result of opinions that reflect the particular point of view of those who have written them. The administrator of LostCalls.net is not responsible for the comments or misuse of this content.

2.2- The correct operation of this website is sustained thanks to advertising, there being no other type of economic exploitation. Advertising includes cookies that are hosted on the computers of visitors / users that may contain information about their web browsing habits.

2.3- In LostCalls.net no type of private information of the visitor is collected / stored. We can only get to collect the IP address, and the date / time of each comment in compliance with current legislation. These data will be stored in a file without public access and for the purposes provided by current regulations and will be eliminated within the periods established by the corresponding regulation.

2.4- The company that owns LostCalls.net is not responsible for the malfunction of the system or the services provided on this website, although it is always intended and we work to offer the best service.

2.5- The company that owns LostCalls.net is not responsible for the advertising provided by third parties or for problems arising from the services advertised, so that the advertising and subsequent services it provides are the sole responsibility of the advertiser.

2.6- LostCalls.net will not publish commercial announcements of content of doubtful legality.

3- The use of this service is reserved only as "Information exchange" between users of LostCalls.net. It is not allowed in the comments to carry out SPAM, off-topic advertising, capture email addresses or any type of illegal action.

3.1- The site administrator is not responsible for the opinions expressed, which are the total responsibility of the authors of the same.

3.2- The site administrator reserves the right to delete any content and to deny access to them in case of non-compliance with the law or the rules of the forum.

3.3- The website does not transfer or market any data in its forums to third parties. The messages and their associated data are collected for the only service for which the forum is intended, which is to inform and serve as a contact between clients of telephone services.

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